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With the Technological age that we are in today, all computer users run a daily risk of losing valuable data. This could be due to accidental deletion, accidental formatting of the entire drive, virus attacks, power surges, lightning strikes, sabotage or even physical damage.

We specialize in the recovery of data from ANY and ALL storage devices. This includes: Hard Drives, Memory Sticks, USB External Drives, Laptops, CF Drives, 1.44 Diskettes, Camera’s, i-Pods, CD’s, DVD’s, Tapes and even 1.2 Floppies. We have no limitations when it comes to
platforms either, meaning we recover from ALL Platforms, including: Windows, Apple Mac, Unix, Linux, Solaris, Novell and all Raid Levels and Servers. No job is too small, too big, too easy or too challenging for our dedicated team.

hard drive recovery

Your PC is for some reason just not booting, you either have a blue screen or an ominous flashing hyphen in the top left hand corner of the screen.

The beautiful family photos you have just taken on your digital camera seem to have vanished and your camera is informing you that the memory card needs to be formatted.

The Office server is not booting at all and is asking for a rebuild due to failed drives, the rebuild is not working either.

That glorious external hard drive that you bought for data storage is not seen by your pc at all.

The CD/DVD you have stored all your precious photos or documents on is not recognizable by your pc.

Your email file has vanished into thin air from your pc or has somehow corrupted itself.

Your zip backup that took hours to store onto 1.44mb stiffy diskette is just not working.

Your Movie Production on your Apple Mac that you have been working weeks on has just been lost due to hard drive failure.

A disgruntled Staff Member deletes their hard drive of all important data before leaving for parts unknown.

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